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Vivian Suarez

Veterinary Assistant

Vivian was born and raised in Fontana and has had a passion for animals since she can remember. Following her internship as a RVT student, she joined the team in January 2018 as a Veterinary Assistant. She works part-time while she continues her education to become a Veterinarian. Vivian graduated from Mt. San Antonio College and will soon be a licensed RVT. She has an interest in zoo animals and hopes to travel the world and save the lives of many species. She currently has 2 dogs, Reid and... Read Full Bio »


Elizabeth "Lizzy" Ardary

Veterinary Assistant

Elizabeth joined Prestige Animal Hospital in April 2018. She is a recent graduate from Platt College and is currently on her way to becoming a full fledged RVT.  Elizabeth has always had a passion for animals and after working 5 years in customer service to pay her way through college, she is finally able to pursue her passion for animals. She currently has 3 cats named Precious, Amelia and Cleopatra and 1 dog named Holly; all of whom she adores. Long-term Elizabeth hopes to advance in... Read Full Bio »



Andrew has been with Prestige Animal Hospital since September of 2017. He has obtained his Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from Platt College. Andrew loves the variety of tasks that must be performed with each patient as well as learning new assignments. He appreciates interaction with clients and making a positive difference in the lives of pets. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys music, playing basketball, and spending time with his boy, Flakko.



Customer Service Representative

Shayla is one of our Customer service representatives, she has been working in this field for over 5 years now and has 
joined Prestige Animal hospital in February of 2018. She has 3 cats Ace, Tiki, and Evenesence that she rescued while working with animals. When Shayla isn’t working she loves to spend all her time with her two daughters Nevaeh and Aubrianna.

Ramona Zamora

Veterinary Assitant

Ramona is one of our Veterinary Assistants and is studying to become a Veterinarian. She joined the Prestige Animal Hospital family back in November 2012. She began as a volunteer and after 6 months of hard work, determination, and training she became an official member of Prestige Animal Hospital team. Her positive attitude and love for all pets shows, and we are very excited to have her as part of our family. Ramona has a darling little Yorkshire terrier named Muffins that she loves and... Read Full Bio »



Kaitlyn is one of our Kennel Attendants here at Prestige Animal Hospital. She began volunteering here during her freshman year of high school and became an official member of our team in December 2017. She is currently a senior in high school who will soon graduate in 2019. After high school she plans to go to college to work her way up to become a registered veterinarian technician. Kaitlyn has 2 dogs named Zoey and Aubrey. During her free time she enjoys listening to music, drawing, and... Read Full Bio »

Rosie Melgoza

Client Service Representative

Rosie is a recent graduate of Cal State San Bernardino she received her Bachelor in Liberal Studies. She works part time at Presitge Animal Hospital . Rosie's favorite foods are Sushi and Pho. Rosie enjoys spending time with her dog Daisy, a beautiful Boxer . When Daisy is not taking up Rosie's time she spends her time hiking, going to the beach and being physically active. Rosie has always had a passion for animals especially dogs before working at Prestige Animal Hospital she would... Read Full Bio »

Andrea Castellanos

Veterinary Assistant

Andrea has loved animals since she was a little girl. She has had dogs, chickens, bunnies, birds and so on. She currently only owns one dog, Coco, who she loves and spoils very much. Andrea enjoys going to the beach, playing video games, and spending time with her family and friends.

Marrisa Trevino

Kennel Attendant

Marrisa has loved animals her entire life and has had a multitude of pets while growing up, including fish, bunnies, dogs, cats, and guinea pigs. Currently, she has 4 dogs. She enjoys helping animals out to the best of her ability which she only hopes to improve as her experience expands. In the not too distant future, I plan to become a veterinarian. Until then, she looks forward to always doing the best she can in every aspect and area possible.

Miranda Orton

Client Service Representative and Kennel Attendant

Miranda is one of our Kennel Attendants and Client Service Representatives. She has been with us since March of 2017. Before she started working with us she was a supervisor at Kohls for 3 years. She has a passion for helping people and has loved taking care of animals since she was a little girl. She has a cat named Soft Paws who loves to drool and a dog named Jaks who always has his tail wagging. When Miranda isn’t working she loves to go swimming, go to the beach, and off-roading with her... Read Full Bio »

Emily Ruiz

Veterinary Assistant

Emily is one of our veterinary assistants here at Prestige Animal Hospital. She has been in the veterinary field since 2007. Emily enjoys spending time with her son and two daughters, Sterling , Gypsy, Raven and husband, Joshua. She is a proud fur mom of 3 dogs and 1 cat. Emily enjoys her free time knitting baby beanies for different charity's in need. She is very crafty and has a few hobbies which include crocheting, knitting, weaving and she spins her own yarn.

Valeria Fernandez

Veterinary Assistant

Valeria works as a veterinary assistants here at Prestige. She has always loved animals since she could remember, having four horses and two dogs; Bonnie and Baloo. Valeria enjoys cooking a variety of foods and loves traveling with her husband whenever she gets the opportunity. Valeria enjoys helping animals, and making sure they live a happy healthy life; she states, “The feeling I get once I have helped out an animal and knowing its life is going to be better is so satisfying.”

Lauren Griffin, R.V.T.

Hospital Manager

Lauren is a registered veterinary technician that has worked at Prestige Animal Hospital since it opened in May 2012. She is very excited to finally have a veterinarian locally that is able to help heal pets and educate the community. Lauren has three dogs of her own that she rescued throughout her years of working in the field and a rabbit. She has worked in the veterinary field since 2005 and loves every minute of it. Lauren loves spending time outside with her animals and family. She has... Read Full Bio »

Karena Diaz

Client Service Representative/ Veterinary Assistant

Karena is a Veterinary assistant and Client service representative here at Prestige Animal Hospital. Karena has always grown up with all types of animals such as dogs, cats, horses, fishes, bearded dragons and even a ferret. Karena currently cares for her two porch kitties, Kim and Kanye.  A funny fact about her is that she is allergic to cats, but that doesn't stop her from caring for them. Karena loves coffee and anything chocolate, when she isn't working she is spending... Read Full Bio »

Pollete Diaz

Veterinary Assistant

Pollete has always had a passion for animals since she was a little girl. She has a Bachelor’s in Animal Science and is currently working on becoming a registered veterinary technician. She hopes to one day be able to work with wild life animals. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, horseback riding and most of all cuddling with her dog Thunder!

Nykole Ruiz

Veterinary Assistant

Nykole is one of our Vet Assistants here at Prestige Animal Hospital. She loves to help out any fur friends in need. Nykole has 1 fur baby named Boowie and 2 feathered friends named Snow and Misfit. She enjoys spending time with her family and close friends, but most of all she loves to be at work helping out her sick furry friends. On her... Read Full Bio »

Sally Metry

Veterinary Assistant

Sally joined Prestige Animal Hospital in May 2017. She is a veterinarian in Egypt and graduated in 2005. She is currently working as a veterinary assistant until she can get her license as a veterinarian in the United States. Sally has had a love for animals at a very young age. She is married, has 2 wonderful kids and loves to spend time with her family. Sally loves to cook and bring her favorite Egyptian dishes to work for the staff members to... Read Full Bio »