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Senior Pet Care 

South Fontana Compassionate Senior Pet Care

It's important to remember that pets generally age faster than humans. Once the dog or cat has reached 7 years of age, they are considered a senior. Just as we humans age, our pet's health care also requires change. This includes adjusting their nutritional needs, exercise habits and many other factors that play a role in their daily life. What's also important to remember is that these changes may be subtle and since our pets can't actually communicate their pains, pet parents must take preventive action and care for their needs ahead of time.

Fortunately, the pet experts at Prestige Animal Hospital in South Fontana are well-versed in senior pet care. Contact us today for additional information and bookings by calling our office  at (909) 453-4213 or emailing us!

South Fontana Compassionate Senior Pet Care

Prestige Animal Hospital - South Fontana