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Pet Allergy & Dermatology

Treating your pet's skin discomfort and allergies

Studies estimate that as many as one in seven American dogs and cats suffer from some kind of allergy. While humans tend to have upper respiratory reactions to allergies, cats and dogs tend to exhibit skin problems as a result of allergies. Pet allergies can be triggered by a number of things. Common allergy triggers include exposure to fleas; inhaled allergens, such as grass, mold and pollens; foods; and topical allergens, such as an allergy to wool or cotton.

Our animal hospital feels strongly that treating pet allergies should be part of any pet wellcare routine. Our clinic is equipped to diagnose and treat skin allergies in pets, and our animal hospital’s attention to pet dermatology can help you determine if your pet’s itchy skin is a reaction to something digested, fleas or an environmental factor.

Your pets don’t have to suffer with allergies. Make a pet dermatology appointment a regular part of your pet’s wellcare routine by calling us at (909) 453-4213.

Pet Skin Allergies: scabs

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